Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Most Beautiful Station Wagon Ever

I'm a car guy, and more specifically a station wagon (aka estate car) guy. To my eyes, the Aston Martin Shooting Brake is the most beautiful ever.

Only very small numbers of several editions were built, the first in 1963 at the behest of Aston Martin's Sir David Brown, who found that the standard DB5 did not have enough space for his hunting gear, polo mallets and dogs. Poor chap!

The term "shooting brake" was once synonymous with wood-paneled British estate cars, which are known to Americans as "woodies."


Salesh said...

You know I would love to drive one of these in the states! I love Volvo wagons , but this just takes a very smooth and calm cool and Vibrant effect on the senses. Bet it's only available as an automatic.

AstonFever said...

great picture, great car!
but you name this "THE aston martin shooting brake" there are more than one!
but it seems no one knows these days that they never were built by aston martin themselves, but by a company from switzerland.
they are official aston martin seller, have a club for aston lovers and build station wagon versions of astons - licensed!
there is only one condition:
they only build ONE shooting brake of each model, never a second one for another customer. they are exclusive and cost around 1.000.000 £ each...on top of the price for the original car of course ;)