Sunday, March 19, 2006

Hot Rides

The decline of General Motors and Ford is like watching two great ocean liners founder and slowly sink in calm seas with nary an iceberg is sight.

Fuggedabout their pension fund obligation problems and myriad other excuses for their ever shrinking market share. Their wounds are entirely self inflicted and stem from the fact that most of their products are boring. Further confirmation comes in the form of's list of the 10 hottest cars.

Six are made by Toyota/Lexus (including the Scion pictured above) and only two are from Detroit. Three are gas/electric hybrids, a market that Detroit has pretty much left to Toyota and Honda until recently in yet another example of its ostrich-like perspective. Here's the list (in alphabetical order):
BMW Mini Cooper
Ford Escape Hybrid
Honda Civic
Lexus RX400h
Pontiac Solstice
Toyota Prius
Toyota Rav4
Toyota Scion xA
Toyota Scion xB
Toyota Scion tC

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