Wednesday, August 24, 2016

From Soup To Nuts: An Index To 2016 'Politix Update' Posts (January ~ August)

(August 15) Why Trump's Claims Of Election Fraud Should Be Taken Seriously.  LINK.

(August 10) Trump Crosses The Line Yet Again.  Now Back To Our Regular Programming.  LINK.

(August 9) Landslide Ho As The Bottom Falls Out Of Trump's Campaign.  LINK.

(August 8) Credit The Red Queen For Why Trump's Strategy Has Backfired.  LINK.

(August 5) As Trump Imolates, Would He Rather Be A Quitter Than A Loser?  LINK.

(August 3) Outrage Fatigue & The Perils Of Dismissing Trump's Demagoguery.  LINK.

(July 31) Why Portraying Trump As A Menace Is A Re, White & Blue Winner.  LINK.

(July 28) On The Inevitable But Sadly Joyless Ascendancy Of Hillary Clinton.  LINK.

(July 27) The Story That Dangerous Donald Trump Insists On Keeping Alive.  LINK

(July 25) Trump's Deeply Troubling Ties With Putin & Big Russian Money.  LINK.

(July 22) GOP Is Left In The Gutter As Trump's Lemmings March To The Sea.  LINK.

(July 17) The Republican Convention Promises To Be A Paean To Intolerance.  LINK.

(July 14) Has The Elusive Hillary Clinton Been Hiding In Plain View All Along?  LINK.

(July 10) Speculation heats Up That Herr Donald Is Only In It For The Game.  LINK.

(July 5) Trump's Gonna Lose, But Is He Going to Take The GOP Down With Him?  LINK

(June 27) Thomas Jefferson's Vision Takes A Beating In This Election Year.  LINK.

(June 21) Trump Is The Ultimate Nowhere Man.  He's Everything & Nothing.  LINK.

(June 17) In Which We Discuss Womanizing, Snake Oil & Platinum Drool Cups.  LINK.

(June 13) Hillary Is Fundamentally Sound & Donald Is Fundamentally Clueless.  LINK.

(June 6) Why The Days Of Whine & Roses Are Over For Dangerous Donald.  LINK.  

(June 3) Grifter Extraordinaire Trump Proudly Steals From The Rich & Poor.  LINK.

(June 1) Is It Possible That Donald Trump Could Be The Next President?  LINK.

(May 23) Feeling' The Bern' Becomes Scorched Earth As Sanders Flips Out.  LINK.

(May 16) Trump Has More Positions Than A Porn Star & The Media Eats It Up.  LINK

(May 9) Why You Don't Need Rand McNally To Map A Clinton Landslide.  LINK

(May 4) Trump, The Ghost of Lee Harvey Oswald & Future Of the Republic.  LINK.

(May 3) 'Sometimes I've Believed In Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast.'  LINK.

(April 25) Philly In The East, Pittsburgh In The West & Alabama In The Middle.  LINK

(April 20) Is Trump Pondering How To Quit?  And Feeling The Bull . . . Er, The Bern'.  LINK.

(April 15) Donald's Tent Party Runs Into Obstacles; Why We Mistrust Hillary.  LINK

(April 11) Dems Suppress The Vote, Too. And Why Paul Ryan Is No Unicorn.  LINK.

(April 8) The 2008 Election (Kind Of) Lived Up To Its Promise.  Will This One?  LINK.

(April 6) Ted Thinks He's The Big Cheese; Bernie Gets Comfortable In The Gutter.  LINK.

(April 4) When The Hunter Is Trump & He Gets Captured By The Game.  LINK.

(April 1) Fabtastic News For Bernie!  He Needs Only 988 More Delegates.  LINK.

(March 28) The GOP Will Lose, How Badly Depends On The Poison It Picks.  LINK

(March 24) The Media's Incredibly Craptastic & Trumpcentric Election Coverage.  LINK.

(March 21) A Political Party In Crisis -- Dysfunction, Datfunction & Malfunction.  LINK

(March 16) Do Republicans Betray Trump Supporters Or Betray Their Country?  LINK

(March 11) This Cold Shower Is Brought To You Courtesy Of Bernie Sanders.  LINK

(March 7) A Gadzillionaire, An Evangelical & Neo-Nazi Walk Into A Bar.  LINK.

(March 4) In Another New Low, Phallic Braggadocio Dominates GOP Debate.  LINK

(March 2) 'Strike Another Match, Go Start Anew, It's All Over Now, Baby Blue.'  LINK

(February 29) Repubs Filled Trump's Swamp, But Now They Don't Want To Drain It.  LINK 

(February 27) The Breathtaking Cynicism of Chris Christie's Trump Endorsement.  LINK.

(February 24) Don't Mind That Iceberg, Captain Rubio, It's Full Speed Ahead.  LINK.

(February 21) GOP Establishment Bloodied As Trump Nomination Becomes Likely. LINK.

(February 19) Hillary Clinton, Feminists & The Great Battle Of The Pheromones.  LINK.

(February 17) Those Obdurate Republicans Keep Planting Ice & Harvesting Wind.  LINK.

(February 15) Why The Election Is Now A Battle For All 3 Government Branches.  LINK.

(February 11) Don't Let The Tollgate Hit You I The Ass On The Way Out, Christie.  LINK.

(February 10) Dear Jeb, It's Time To Say Goodbye To the Nice People.  LINK.

(February 7) Confronting The Dark Shadow Over The Bernie Sanders Campaign.  LINK. 

(February 4) The Union Of Ted Cruz & Evangelicals Is A Deal With The Devil.  LINK.

(February 2) Iowa Republican Caucus Results Are Shocking, But Not Surprising. LINK.

 (January 27) Ted Cruz Is On Thin Ice Constitutionally, But Will He Go Under?  LINK. 

(January 25) So It's Come Down To 'Merely Awful' Versus 'Truly Awful' For The GOP.  LINK.

(January 17) If Dr. King Looked Beyond The Grave, He'd Surely Be Disappointed.  LINK.  

(January 13It's Official, The Republican Party Has Finally Screwed The Pooch.  LINK.

(January 10) They're Armed & Dangerous, But Puh-lease Don't Call Them Terrorists.  LINK.
(January 7Why It's Time For Hillary To Finally Come Clean About Bill.  LINK.

(January 5) Why Gun Control Laws Work Elsewhere But Are DOA In The USA.  LINK 
(January 3For Republican Candidates, So Many Apocalyses & So Little Time.  LINK.




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