Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Stick It Up The CIA's Ass: Please Sign This Very Worthy Petition

As I noted in this post, the terrific biopic Kill The Messenger has not exactly been a box office hit although its subject is worthy -- and timely as well because of the just-released Senate Intelligence Committee's report on CIA torture abuses -- and has sunk like a stone.
"This movie starts a conversation about racism, government abuse, and attempts to silence whistleblowers -- a conversation that everyone should be having in our country, and that could not be more relevant and critical to our current society," says one advocate for the film.
There's now a petition drive to get Kill The Messenger back in theaters.  Sign it, okay?


Unknown said...

Thanks for posting this! Seems like the only way to promote this important and VERY HIGH QUALITY film is through public support. #SupressTheMessenger? #NotOnOurWatch!

Obat Bius Original said...
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