Friday, November 05, 2010

GOP Voters Send In The Clowns. Again.

I want to revisit a "dynamic" that I've addressed several times in the run-up to the mid-term elections and again in this post yesterday: For all of the fulminating and chest pounding about change, Republican voters have re-elected the very leadership that helped George Bush drive the economy into a ditch and subsequently was responsible for losing the White House and both seats of Congress.

This is a leadership absolutely bereft of ideas, whether it is now to reduce the deficit or create jobs. This is a leadership that already is promising to continue the kind of obstructionist politics that frequently paralyzed the 111th Congress while scratching Wall Street's tummy during a time when Main Street was crying out for relief.

As I noted yesterday, people didn't vote for or against a broken system on Tuesday, but rather for or against candidates, most of whom depend on that system's perpetuation for their own survival.

Is there an explanation for this bewildering state of affairs?

Please don't hand me any crap about these clowns being sent back to Washington with a big pat on the back because they're not Democrats. Because if that is your argument voters have not only gotten the leaders they deserve, but they are as willfully stupid as those leaders.

Have at it, but please be nice.


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Belle said...

I heard someone on MSNBC say the swing voters are people who don't read and don't know what is going on in Washington. They just vote according to how their life is going. If it is not going well, they will vote for the party who isn't running things. I don't know if he is right, but he may be.

Tubby Woman said...

I've always felt that we're way too into our parties. "I vote Republican 'cause they're the only ones that make sense!" or "I vote Democrat because they aren't crazy!"

What happened to voting for the right PERSON, no matter what party they represent? :\