Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Palins Poison Yet Another Well

I wouldn't watch ABC's "Dancing With The Stars" is you paid me a million bucks, but plenty of people do for free every week. But some if not a goodly number of them are hopping mad because Bristol Palin, daughter of the former half-term Alaska governor and presidential wannabe, keeps getting votes to keep dancing despite the fact that she is a no-talent hack with two left feet. (Or so I'm told.)

So who are the voters keeping Bristol on DWTS? Sarah Palin sycophants who found away to jigger ABC's online voting system and voted, in some cases, hundreds of times for the little darling.

This has put ABC in . . . uh, a deliciously awkward position. It put Bristol on the show as a rating booster probably never expecting that she last beyond a single episode. Now the network's message boards are lighting up with people who have been hoodwinked and are threatening to never watch DWTS again. And one guy got so mad that he shot his television.

Serves 'em right.

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