Thursday, August 16, 2018

An Editorial Call To Arms Against Donald Trump's Attacks On The News Media

It is a long overdue call to arms. 
Over 350 newspapers, from the mighty New York Times to the tiny Griggs County Courier and Steele County Press in North Dakota, published editorials on Thursday on the dangerous assault on the news media being waged by Donald Trump and his administration. 
At a recent rally in Pennsylvania, the president pointed to the group of journalists covering the event, saying they "only make up stories" and called them "fake, fake disgusting news," while on Twitter, he has revived the old phrase "the enemy of the people" to lambast a news media (okay, portions of a news media) that has been stripping away the layers of crap and corruption surrounding Trump through a phenomenal series of investigative stories that have laid bare his racism, excesses, obsessions, aberrant behavior and thousands of lies.    
In other words, doing jobs protected by a First Amendment that Trump makes no secret of loathing. 
Then there were the shooting death of five people at The Capitol in Annapolis, Maryland on June 28 and an uptick in assaults on reporters, some of whom are now accompanied by security guards. 
Here are the editorials.

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