Monday, November 28, 2016

An Option To Putting Lumps Of Coal In That Christmas Stocking

My travail d'amour has sold steadily, if not spectacularly (beer money, really), including not a few purchases by parents who told me that There's A House gave their kids the insight they needed to
finally understand Mom and Dad, who had come of age in the Sixties and Seventies. 
Wrote one such dad: 
"The book's beauty is that it is a composite, a cross cut, an intense study of the doings the exploits the escapades the shenanigans the labor and the passions of a bruised and battered generation outraged by its government and traumatized by its war; the time of the quest for a new definition of freedom: freedom from and from to 'be me,' set against the backdrop of the drug culture which the author's true-life characters immerse themselves in with a hedonistic if not joyful abandon while remaining fully functional and creatively, responsibly and industriously providing for their own upkeep along the way.   
"To those who are old enough to appreciate those times, please read this book. You'll be glad that you did.  To those of you who are too young to appreciate those times, please read this book.  You'll be glad that you did."
There's a House is available for purchase online in dead tree and Kindle editions.

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