Monday, June 29, 2015

Chris Squire (1948-2015)



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Anonymous said...

I always admired Squire's bass-playing and agree that it was a "lynchpin" determining their soundscape, notwithstanding the crucial ingredients of Jon Anderson's keening voicals, Rick Wakeman's multi-keyboard Bachian barrages and Steve Howe's double-guitar improvisations.
. . . Squire surely had the staying power in that group, as everybody else eventually passed on through (is it just possible that may have had something to do with Squire's abrasive personality?) I agree that the heyday was with the troika of Anderson-Wakeman-Howe, and after the departures of the latter two, I -- like many others, I think -- stopped bothering to keep track. I guess they each rejoined briefly later, but I'd moved on. And once I wasn't going to hear Anderson's vocals with them anymore, I stopped caring entirely.
That's a rough way to go, though, and I'm sorry for him there.