Wednesday, November 05, 2014

In Gridlock We Trust: Do-Nothing Republicans Take Control Of Senate

Long story short: I do not so much praise the Republican Party for their victories yesterday as blame the Democratic Party for their defeats.  At a pivotal time in American history, a time when the bedrock principles of our society are under attack and it was imperative to move ahead and not stand still, let alone turn back, Democrats revealed themselves to be cowards in campaign after campaign. 
The day already is being referred to as the Seinfeld Election because it was pretty much about nothing, although it is some comfort that the substantial Republican gains will mean little for the 2016 presidential race.  (And ain't it a kick that the states benefiting most from the Affordable Care Act, that GOP bogeyman of bogeymen, elected Republicans?)  
Voter turnout will spike in 2016, the most competitive Senate races will be in liberal-leaning states and the GOP's continued unwillingness to connect with black, Hispanic and Asian voters will mean likely defeat nationally no matter whom they nominate.  Oh, and Republicans won't have Barack Obama to run against and will be faced -- for the first time in several elections -- with actually having to stand for something.
Obama has had a troubled presidency primarily because of Republican obstructionism and a suffocating racism that never lurks far from the surface, but also because of his own failings as a leader.  But he has been the president America needs and history will remember him as being very good if not very great under enormously difficult circumstances.  Yet Democrats abandoned him.

Shame on the Democratic Party.  And shame on America.  


Anonymous said...

Yep. That just about sums it up.

Until the Democrats are willing to do battle (almost literally) with the Republicans, their whacko allies (Tea Party, Libertarians), and the relentless propaganda machine (Fox, et al), no matter who they put forward or what cause they champion, as long as the American public is constantly told “Democrats...Bad” over and over again, so much so that it becomes “fact”, then they have no hope. Every semi-truth, every hypocrisy, every fiction must be challenged – Bill Maher and Jon Stewart can’t do it all by themselves!

It’s terrible that we’re forced to sink to the level of the short-sighted, narrow-minded, greed-driven, divisive exclusionists, but otherwise we’ll just keep getting squeezed until it really is too late...which it may be.

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Anonymous said...

So glad the political season is over! My mute button is about worn out. Actually the mute button is a wonderful innovation that is one of the few things in modern life that contributes to our sanity. I wish it could be extended to include cell phone conversations in public.Superman isn't the only one who misses the phone booth. Keep smilin'