Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Mississippi Halfstep Up-Town Toodloo

It has been over three months since Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans, so it would be reasonable to expect that rebuilding is well under way considering the many promises that President Bush and Congress made to rush through legislation to promptly rebuild flood-ravaged neighborhoods.

Well, guess again.

Relief legislation remains in limbo because of a leadership vacuum resulting from the preoccupation of the White House and Congress with the war in Iraq, the CIA leak investigation, myriad corruption probes and cutting the pork laden federal budget.

Meanwhile, folks in Jackson, Mississipi have fared quite well, thank you.

FEMA and the Red Cross have doled out $62 million in aid to nearly 30,000 households in that city although it is 160 miles from the Gulf Coast and the worst damage was spoiled food in freezers following hurricane-related blackouts.

Residents who put in the requisite paperwork received payments of up to $2,300, which predictably set off spending sprees on jewelry, guns and electronics.

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