Monday, December 13, 2010

Gone in 2010 But Not Forgotten: 100 Individuals Who Touched Our Lives

George "Sparky" Anderson: Man behind The Big Red Machine.

Lee A. Archer Jr.: Tuskegee Airmen ace.

Dwight Armstrong: A footnote from the radical past.

Vernon Baker: Belated Medal of Honor winner.

Earl A. Barthé
: Master chef of architectural jambalaya.

Laurie Bembenek: Bambi loses the fight.

Barbara Billingsley: That's a lovely dress, Mrs. Cleaver.

George Blanda: Score!

Bärbel Bohley: Berlin Wall toppler.

Manute Bol: Hoopster and humanitarian.

Robert Boyle: Hitch's art director.

Leslie Buck: Designer of an American diner icon.

Solomon Burke: The king is dead.

Stephen J. Cannell: An A-Team of a director.

Charlie the Smoking Chimp: Lived to 52 despite his habit.

Bobby Charles: See you later, alligator.

Lucille Clifton: African-American poet laureate.

Art Clokey: We have him to thank for Gumby.

Wayne Collett: Banned Olympic medal winner.

Paul Conrad: Rapier-witted cartoonist.

Geoffrey Crawley: Fairy hoax exposer.

Leo Cullum: He kept 'em laughing.

Robert Culp: He spied.

Tony Curtis: Was there ever a more versatile actor?

Mary Daly:
Radical feminist pirate.

Dino DiLaurentiis: He shot 'em as he saw 'em

Jaime Escalante: He stood and delivered.

Doug Fieger:
He had the knack.

Eddie Fisher: Heartthrob pop hero.

Dick Francis: Steeplechase jockey turned bestselling novelist.

Frank Frazetta: Fantasy hero artist extraordinaire.

Frosty the Clown: He was . . . uh, a clown.

Daryl F. Gates: Controversial LAPD chief.

Miep Gies:
Anne Franks' protector.

Juanita Goggins: Forgotten civil rights pioneer.

Harold Gould: Sitcom character actor.

Peter Graves: Mission possible.

Kathryn Grayson: Operatic film star.

Clarence Wolf Guts: Last Lakota code talker.

June Havoc: The real Gypsy Rose.

Corey Haim: Teenage heartthrob who lived hard.

Knute Haugland:
Last Kon-Tiki survivor.

Dale Hawkins: Rockabilly songwriter.

Nicholas Hayek: He kept the Swiss watch industry ticking.

Richie Hayward: Feats didn't fail him.

Dorothy I. Height: Matriarch of the civil rights movement.

Nate Henn: He didn't know when to stop giving.

Alex "Hurricane" Higgins: Snooker champ.

Benjamin F. Hooks:
He revived a struggling NAACP.

Marvin Isley: The bassist with the mostest.

Gregory Isaacs:
Farewell to The Cool Ruler.

C.R. Johnson: Champion free skier.

Kit Horn: Pioneering surfer.

Dennis Hopper:
Rebel with a cause.

Hank Jones: A self-effacing jazz piano virtuoso.

Ben Keith: The ultimate sideman.

William "Rookie"
Kruse: BP spill victim.

Lolita Lebrón: Puerto Rican revolutionary.

Herman Leonard: He captured the world of post-war jazz.

Jack Levine: Realism and satire were his bag.

Mont Liggins: Many a preemie lived because of him.

Abbey Lincoln: A singular figure in jazz.

Donald Lukens: A trend setter for political corruption.

Benoît Mandelbrot:
zn+1 = zn2 + c

Wilma Mankiller:
First woman Cherokee Nation leader.

Jim Marshall:
His photos helped define rock 'n' roll.

Kate McGarrigle: Folk-roots virtuoso.

Malcolm McLaren: Punk Rock impresario.

Mitch Miller: Singalong maestro.

Bill Millin: D-Day piper.

Lincoln "Sugar" Minot: A singer of soulful reggae "chunes."

Willie Mitchell: Soul's house producer.

Patricia Neal: A surreal life of triumph and tragedy.

Eileen Mary "Didi" Nearne:
Heroine wartime spy

Edwin Newman: They don't make 'em like him anymore.

Leslie Nielsen: There is no reason to panic.

Paul the Psychic Octopus: Death of an oracle.

Harvey Pekar: His American Splendor was anything but.

Teddy Pendergrass: The voice of Philadelphia soul.

Mau Piailug: Master navigator.

Meinhardt Raabe: Munchkin coroner.

Robin Roberts:
Hall of Fame Whiz Kid.

J.D. Salinger: Legendary literary recluse.

Allan Sandage: Measurer of the universe.

Ron Santo: Star third bagger.

Daniel Schorr: Seven decades of aggressive reporting.

Erich Segal: Much more than a romance novelist.

Edith Shain: America's most famous kisser.

Johnny Sheffield: Tarzan's "Boy"

Jean Simmons: Great actress, mediocre roles.

Leonard Skinner:
Lynard Skynard. Get it?

Theodore C. Sorenson: JKF's speechwriter.

Joan Sutherland: Flawless soprano.

Target: Only the good die young.

John Thorbjarnarson:
Crocs were his friends.

Jefferson Thomas: He of the Little Rock Nine.

Bobby Thomson: His shot was heard around the world.

Gloria Winters: Sky King's perky daughter.

Marva Wright: She survived.

Howard Zinn: An historian who challenged the status quo.

PHOTOGRAPHS (Top to bottom): Neal, Archer, Bohley, Charlie, Collett, Escalante, Frosty, Clarence, Height, Hopper, Leonard, Mandelbrot, Minot, Nearne, Pialug, Shain, Target, Zinn.

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