Thursday, May 11, 2017

Welcome To My Worlds -- All Two Of Them

Allow me a few moments to wax profound or something about my two worlds: The headache-inducing world filled with the serial abominations about which I write and the calm and comforting world in which I live when I step away from the computer. 
I was up at 3:30 on Wednesday morning because I had three deadlines to meet expectations that I would deliver a comprehensive essay on Donald J. Trump’s summary execution of James Comey.  I had a self-imposed, the sooner-the-better deadline for readers of my blog, a deadline for a London-based current affairs website, where it already was midday when I rolled out of bed, and a deadline for a California-based political blog where it was only a few minutes before midnight. 
I whipped together the basic structure of my post and then paused (paws-ed?) to walk Ola, our new puppy.  I expanded on my essay and then paused to again walk Ola, finished my essay, hit the SEND button three times and then again went out with Ola. 
The contrast between the unbridled awfulness of what I was writing about and the capacity of man (and one man in particular) to perpetrate so much evil, and the sounds and smells of the pre-dawn darkness below the ridge line outside the mountain retreat was profound.  There was a rustling in the woods as our mama deer and her two does moved away under the light of the setting full moon and the early birds made their presence known.   
Although the moon had set, it was a little lighter on our second foray.  Ola saw two crows browsing on the stale bread we had thrown out for them and tried to give chase.  They laughed at her.  And I laughed too, because of the sheer wonder in her baby brown eyes of the new world before her and how different it is from the world I connect with through my computer.   
The sun was well up and the mist was burning off the ridge line on our third adventure.  I had done my business and Ola had done hers.   
Now I just have to remember not to step in her business when we go out later.  

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