Thursday, September 22, 2016

Eyes Of The World: 'The Heart Has Its Seasons, Its Evenin's And Songs Of Its Own'

If it wasn't for the love of my woman and all our critters, I would have melted down some time ago in not merely trying to write about the Presidential Campaign From Hell, but trying to rationalize how anyone, regardless of what basket they live in, can support the Cheeto Jesus. 
And then there is music, which takes me about as far away from this insanity as I can get beyond all that homegrown love.  This brings me to "Eyes of the World," my favorite Grateful Dead song and one of my favorites of any musical genre.   
If ever the world needed "Eyes of the World," it is now. 
Which brings me to a wonderful piano rendition of the Jerry Garcia-Robert Hunter anthem by a Bernie Sanders supporter by the name of Holly Bowling, who has transcribed for piano, pretty much note-for-note, the Dead's performance of the song at a concert near her home at Freedom Hall in Louisville, Kentucky on June 18, 1974.  (I heard a not dissimilar version a few weeks later in Philadelphia.) 
Ms. Bowling is not Martha Argerich.  Hell, she's not even Bruce Hornsby.  But her version of "Eyes" is deeply satisfying and extraordinarily moving.   And if I can micromanage your life a little more, I'd recommend waiting until late in the evening to give it a first listen.   
Click HERE for the Booman Tribune link to the video, which is part of JamBase's Songs of Their Own series.

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timagination said...

I totally agree about the song, Shaun. That entire album is one of my favorites, I am partial to "Unbroken Chain" over all the rest. I will give this newer version a listen tonight....once my meds kick in...