Friday, September 05, 2008

Palin Cone Of Silence Watch: Day 7 (*)

It has been seven days since vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin has been allowed to say anything in a public setting that is not carefully scripted or controlled. No interviews. No taking questions from the news media. Palin has read one prepared statement twice and delivered an address written by George Bush's speechwriter.

McCain spokeswoman Nicole Wallace asserts that voters don't care if Palin can answer questions about foreign and domestic policy, let alone the string of troubling allegations that cling to her shoes like so much oily kelp washed up on a beach in Alaska.

What does the campaign not want us to know about a woman whom fate may dictate becomes the next president? What is it trying to hide? How much longer will Palin be kept inside this Cone of Silence?

(*) The Sarah Palin Cone of Silence is not to be confused with the Alberto Gonzalez Cone of Silence, the Harriet Miers Cone of Silence or the Karl Rove Cone of Silence. Local taxes will be collected and some restrictions may apply. Further information is available at 202-456-1111.

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UliPele said...

Cool. I'm glad you're doing a countdown! I wish there were a widget. I just started a new blog, and I would love to have a widget counting the days that Palin has spent avoiding the media.

I'm going to do a post about this and hat tip you!